Prevention Efforts

Reaching students with prevention messages is very challenging. Often students come to campus with preconceived expectations of what their drinking and drug habits should be. The college environment may also foster, tolerate, or even reinforce these beliefs. The following are ideas on ways you can support prevention efforts and assist students in evaluating their beliefs.

  • Challenge the perception that “everyone drinks heavily.” Statistics show that the majority of students make low-risk drinking choices.
  • Avoid making comments that encourage or condone underage drinking or high-risk drinking behavior.
  • Model low-risk or no-risk alcohol consumption.
  • Provide alcohol or other drug-related courses.
  • Incorporate alcohol and drug education information into course curriculum.
  • Do not alter class or test schedules to avoid times that typically follow heavy consumption occasions, such as Fridays, Homecoming, or semester breaks.
  • Make written assignments or initiate discussions that encourage honest self-reflection concerning student substance use.
  • Support the prevention efforts of programs on campus.
  • Increase your knowledge about this subject by inviting drug-prevention professionals to speak in your classes, department meetings, or in-services. Be aware of the resources that exist on campus and in the community.

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