2015 Deans Awards for Outstanding Research

College of Fine Arts

Dr. Linda Jennings, Department of Music (front row, left) worked with music institutions in Mexico and Thailand to develop educational exchanges through collaborative performances and workshops in 2014. Previous projects in Thailand grew into an extensive program designed to address the larger needs for cello performance and, especially cello pedagogy, throughout Thailand.

Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

Dr. Prashanth Bharadwaj , Department of Management (front row, right) has coordinated the delivery of IUP's MBA program collaboration with PES University, Bangalore, India since 2005. The program has graduated over 650 students--with nearly 500 of those studying on IUP's campus. The IUP-PES alumni diaspora spans across all the six continents. Nearly 40 IUP faculty have taught in India and over 150 IUP students have visited and/or studied in India as part of this program.

College of Health and Human Services

Dr. David Wachob , Department of Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Sciences, has a research focus of using novel approaches to study how behaviors impact the overall health status of children and adolescents. He is particularly interested in two separate groups that are not well represented in the current literature--home-schooled children and children with autism.

College of Education and Educational Technology

Dr. John Mueller, Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education, conducts research on the social identity development (race, gender, religious beliefs) of college students and the professionals who work with them. This research reflects the significance of multicultural competence among higher education professionals who wish to fulfill personal and institutional commitments to diversity and inclusion on campus.

College of Natural Science and Mathematics

Dr. Maureen McHugh , Department of Psychology, questions the medicalization (the marketing of "science" for profit) of women's lives and bodies in her research. With a focus on feminist psychology, she encourages psychologists to approach the study of gender with a critical lens.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. John Anderson, Department of Sociology, currently serves as the graduate coordinator of the Administrative and Leadership Studies doctoral program and as the director of the Administrative and Leadership Studies Training and Research Center. The center currently supports several doctoral students with full-time research positions. Dr. Anderson brings the knowledge gained from sponsored research activities into the classroom, thereby providing realistic examples into learning discussions.