Sponsored Programs Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research

Dr. Dasen Luo
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Dr. Dasen Luo, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, has been employed by Indiana University of Pennsylvania since 1996. Throughout his career he has researched topic areas of psychometric and scholastic performance, genetic and environmental influences, elementary cognitive tasks, human intelligence and various other topics. Dr. Luo's work has developed into multiple publications in Intelligence and Behavior Genetics . Dr. Luo is also a member of the American Psychological Society and the International Society of Intelligence Research.

In 2003 Dr. Luo submitted a two-year proposal to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for an in-depth study and analysis of the influence of basic information processing on the intellectual development of primary school children who are identified to have mild mental retardation. His test groups are comprised of groups of children from the United States and from mainland China .

In July of 2004 Dr. Luo was awarded funding from the NIH for his cross national research. Dr. Luo has taken on the very complex task of organizing and conducting data collection and analysis in two different countries working with children from different cultural settings. Due to the success of his research he is now pursuing additional funding from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education to extend his research in mainland China . This funding would move him into a 2-wave follow-up design and enable him to determine developmentally how the basic cognitive capacities of processing speed and working memory dynamically influence mild mental retardation in children.