Mr. Chris Weiland
Professor, Department of Art and Art Education

Mr. Chris Weiland, Professor in the Department of Art and Art Education, has been employed by Indiana University of Pennsylvania since 1978. During that time he received funding from IUP grants, the Pennsylvania Council for the Arts and the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation. He has also acted as the director, curator, workshop presenter and/or design consultant in over thirty projects within five states in the last eight years. Mr. Weiland has also been invited to over thirty invitation exhibitions within the past nineteen years and has presented over forty submitted works in selected juried exhibitions across the United States at the national, regional and state level.

In 2003 Mr. Weiland was awarded funds to develop The Wood Center at IUP. The award is the single largest award the College of Fine Arts has received in the last five years and will establish IUP as the first institution in the United States to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in fine arts with a studio emphasis in both turning and furniture design.

The funds will enable the college to expand its present woodworking and furniture design program, which will offer a diverse curriculum of foundation and advanced studies in contemporary furniture design and making, including turning. The center will also expand the curriculum by featuring a professional artist/turner each semester.

The Wood Center for IUP hosted its first exhibit February 26, 2005, which had over 200 guests in attendance .