Cyber Security and Information Assurance Projects

Dr. Soundararajan Ezekiel, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Dennis Giever, Associate Professor, Chairperson, Criminology
Dr. Jennifer Gossett, Assistant Professor, Criminology
Dr. Mary Micco, Retired, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Bill Oblitey , Associate Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Rose Shumba, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Mr. James Wolfe , Associate Professor, Chairperson, Computer Science

In July 2001, The National Science Foundation awarded funds to begin the first year of a multi-year Cyber Security and Information Assurance project. This project involves faculty and curriculum development, strengthening research and internship opportunities in Information Assurance, and the provision of technology for research in Information Assurance.

In September of 2002, October of 2003 and August of 2004 the project team was awarded additional funding from the National Security Agency. The funds supported student scholarships and capacity building enhancement in the Information Assurance program.

In October of 2004 additional funds were awarded from the National Security Agency for the study of and prototype development for an unclassified Covert Channel Analysis. This project also aided in enhancing research opportunities for IUP Information Assurance students and enhanced the Information Assurance program as a whole.

The efforts of the project personnel have also allowed IUP to establish itself as a Center for Excellence in Information Assurance in Education, which is part of the John P. Murtha Institute for Homeland Security.

Since July of 2001, more than $1.1 million has been granted to support the development of the Cyber Security and Information Assurance projects at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.