Child development lab for Psychology SEEING IT FROM A CHILD'S PERSPECTIVE: The child development lab has a warm, play-inspired environment that's perfect for your first steps into understanding child psychology.

Undergraduate Practicum

Students receive academic credit while acquiring hands-on experience in psychology by working within a variety of community agencies, institutions, businesses, and industrial settings within 500 miles of Indiana.

We have had students, however, complete internships by working with dolphins in Hawaii and San Diego. Students can also gain research experience supervised by faculty through our research practicum.

Psi Chi Honor Society

IUP's chapter of Psi Chi, the international honor society in psychology, is very active. Currently Psi Chi functions as both an honor society and the psychology club. All students interested in psychology are encouraged to attend Psi Chi meetings and events, whether they are formal members of Psi Chi or not.

Psi Chi holds bi-monthly meetings with activities that include guest lectures from community organizations such as the Alice Paul House, faculty and student panels on research, graduate school and career opportunities, GRE prep sessions, field trips to local psychological agencies such as Torrence State Hospital, and community service planning activities.

Members may attend professional meetings, including the annual Eastern Psychological Association conference, and many have presented papers or posters at this and other regional conferences.

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate and graduate students are asked to assist with department research studies. There are also opportunities to work with individual professors or propose your own research project.

Conference Opportunities

By attending conferences, you'll have opportunities to learn new information, present your own work, find new research ideas, meet others in your field, and gain experience in a different type of scholarly and professional setting.

Mid-Atlantic Addiction Research and Training Institute

Based at IUP, MARTI is a consortium of academic and professional experts in the field of alcohol abuse treatment, domestic violence intervention, and related mental health issues. It formed in 1988 as a partnership between IUP and Gateway Rehabilitation Center of Greater Pittsburgh.