ADVISOR WITH AN OPEN DOOR: Sultan Magruder '12, now a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology at Oklahoma State University, describes his IUP advisor, professor John Mills, as a mentor and friend who helped him find the direction for his research.

Develop the skills that you can apply to the career of your choice

Whether you want to be a counselor or therapist, conduct research, or just want to have the critical thinking skills that will give you a competitive advantage in corporate America, we offer our psychology majors the training, options, and guidance necessary to pursue their dreamsand some help in interpreting them as well.


With a BA in Psychology from IUP, you have the flexibility to choose careers in:

  • Survey research
  • Human resources and personnel
  • Program evaluation
  • Children and youth case management
  • Crisis management
  • Mental health
  • Recreation
  • Funeral services
  • Social work
  • Advertising

Path to higher degrees

With a BA or BS in Psychology from IUP, you can pursue these higher degrees:

  • MA in Psychology
  • MS in Psychology

With an BA, BS, MS, or MA in Psychology, you can pursue a:

Our psychology graduates also attend graduate programs in related fields such as educational psychology, neuroscience, and social work.