Interior of the Psychology building, Uhler Hall

Uhler Hall is the home of the Psychology Department, housing classrooms, labs, and the offices of your professors and advisor.

Labs in basement of Uhler Hall - Psychology

The lowest level of Uhler Hall contains numerous small labs students can sign out, with professor approval, to conduct their own research studies.

Child development lab for Psychology

The child development lab has a warm, play-inspired environment that's perfect for your first steps into understanding child psychology.

Uhler Hall

Uhler Hall, the main building for the Psychology Department, is located near the Oak Grove in the heart of campus.

Students in a lab with a Psychology professor

In a lab in nearby Weyandt Hall, student lab assistants help Professor William Farrell, who studies behavioral endocrinology and behavioral neuroscience. His research focuses on the neural, endocrine, and experiential regulation of social behavior using green anole lizards (Anoliscarolinensis) as a model organism.