The consultant always provides us with good suggestions to improve our Safety Program. He always sees things that we overlook. His attitude is enthusiastic and encouraging. A wonderful resource and benefit to businesses in Pennsylvania. A great help in determining the state of your company's Safety Program.
—Kay Overfield, Erie Plastics

Our staff found the overall experience with the consultants and IUP to be excellent.
—Todd Saner, DuMor, Inc.

This is a service all types of businesses should be party to. We were well pleased with the consultant.
—Ron Fouche, Palmyra Bologna Company

Being Involved with the PA/OSHA Consultation Program has been one of the best decisions we have made. It has been beneficial to HDP.
—Ed Efsic, Hoffman Diamond Products

I think this service to small business is very important and would encourage you to get the program to more small businesses.

The service your organization provides to small businesses like ours is very educational to both management and workers. It united us into a team to provide a safe workplace for all.
—Jim Hill, Interchange Specialty Services

The consultant shows an excellent combination of knowing the rules and regulations while still having an appreciation for real-world constraints.
—John Obel, Nex Tech

The service is very professional and thorough.

The report was very informative. The report provided us with several solutions to take care of the current issues that existed.
—Charles Saller, Atlantic Building Services

We have utilized IUP's safety consulting services for years. As the first OSHA exemption firm in Pennsylvania, we think it is clear that the service is invaluable.
—Mike Kerner, R.M. Kerner

Making the decision to 'partner' with OSHA Consultation was not easy. PA/OSHA made the process easy, and they mapped the way for a successful partnership. They took the fear away.
—Scott Rankin, Vulcan Spring

This program was a 'good fit' for us. The consultants were professional and focused on helping us stay current on the OSHA regulation changes.
—Robert Weitzel, Brockway Mold

IUP has been a great help to us in making sure we are in compliance with our programs. Site visits are wonderful because they may find things wrong that we have overlooked. Wonderful personnel to work with.
—Sharon Rowe, Composiflex, Inc.