An expert from IUP's PA OSHA program walking through a facility talking with an employee

Free Safety Consultations Make Big Impact on Businesses

Employers can receive no-cost safety, health, and industrial hygiene evaluations by signing up for a program run by IUP’s Safety Sciences Department.

Through the Pennsylvania Occupational Safety and Health Administration Consultation Program, IUP consultants conduct occupational safety and health evaluations and work with business owners to address issues.

The on-site visits are confidential since the program operates independently from Occupational Safety and Health Administration's regulation enforcement. (The exception would be if an employer refuses to correct an imminent and serious hazard in a reasonable amount of time, although this is extremely rare.) 

Thousands of businesses, from factories and laboratories to retail stores and residential/commercial construction projects, have used this no-cost program to protect their workers and make sure they are complying with OSHA regulations. Submit your request to get on the list. The dates fill up fast.

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Some Ways the Program Can Help Businesses

Employers may be able to:

  • Avoid OSHA citations and penalties
  • Qualify for deferral or exemption from programmed OSHA inspections
  • Reduce workers’ compensation costs
  • Reduce workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Take advantage of free on-site compliance assistance training
  • Use off-site technical assistance to address hazards
  • Have free occupational hazardous noise and industrial hygiene monitoring administered

OSHA 10 Hour Courses

Pennsylvania OSHA Consultation will offer free training courses for the OSHA 10-hour Construction and OSHA 10-hour General Industry.  Upon successful completion, course participants will earn an OSHA 10-hour Card.  Registration is limited to 40 registrants for each class.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 724-357-4095.

Update:  BOTH COURSES ARE FULL-  Both classes will be held at our main office located at:  650 South 13th Street; Robertshaw Bldg., Room 7A; Indiana, PA 15705.

OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training

Dates:    April 9, 2024, 8am - 4:20pm *Lunch will be provided

April 10, 2024, 8am – 11:10am

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Training

Dates:   April 24, 2024, 8am - 4:20pm  *Lunch will be provided

April 25, 2024, 8am -11:10am

How Consultations Work

Learn about the steps involved and the support available to help your business.


Tackling Gray Areas

Premier Building Restoration

“Every job site is different. … The PA OSHA Consultation has been great at helping us navigate the gray areas.”

 Knowing OSHA Rules

Weavers Way Coop

“The knowledge base is unimaginable. … They’re dealing with the OSHA document, which is hundreds of pages long, and they just know it off the top of their heads.”

Catching What You Miss


“I know it’s the reason why we get better each year, because it is another set of eyes. … You walk by things, and you don’t necessarily recognize a hazard because you’ve seen it time and time again.”

Strengthening Businesses

Steel Fusion

“We took them into every corner of our laboratory and said ` okay, what do you think of this?' They gave us their opinions, which only made us stronger and a better company.”

Handling Hazards


“The process is easier than you think. … If they point out a hazard or they point out a deficiency in a program, all you have to do is fix it. … They’re there to help you.”

Finding Solutions

Cannon Boiler Works Inc.

“Because (they) work with the small business community, they’re always very supportive in a problem you may have or come up with, with multiple ways to correct it.”