The Innovators

  • The Innovators is a series about IUP students, faculty, and staff who are doing innovative things: new ideas, new ways of doing things, and new inventions.

  • Making Art While Serving

    Tyler Stanton

    Tyler Stanton is a maker. He's an MFA candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Carpentry Masonry Specialist in the 377th Army Corp of Engineers.

    Recently, he has blended these two aspects of his life by creating the Load-carrying Band-saw Tool Kit, “L.B.T.K.,” a backpack tool kit for soldiers, complete with a band-saw and other tools to create artwork from materials found on location.

    Creating Positive Experiences for Patients with Autism

    Joann Migyanka

    Joann Migyanka, a member of the Special Education faculty at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, has taken her groundbreaking program that assists emergency first responders to have successful encounters with people with autism spectrum disorder to a new community. She and colleagues have adapted what they know to provide training for the medical community.

    Making a Better Wikipedia

    Matthew Vetter

    Matthew Vetter is an assistant professor of English who studies Wikipedia and uses it in his classroom.

    He’s found that asking students to write for Wikipedia increases their motivation and changes their attitudes about writing. And by teaching students how to edit Wikipedia, he empowers them to make Wikipedia better and more representative for everyone.

    Measuring Freshness a Better Way

    Greg Kenning

    If you judge the freshness of milk by the sell-by date, a better measure may be coming soon. Gregory Kenning, IUP professor of physics, has developed a sensor that can mimic the decay of milk and other products. Simply scanning the sensor, if applied to the product’s packaging, one day could provide ultimate insight into a product’s remaining usable life.