IUP Community Music School

IUP Community Music SchoolThe IUP Community Music School, located in Cogswell Hall, provides noncredit private lessons, ensembles, and classes in music year-round to students of all ages and ability levels throughout the Indiana community and region.

Fall 2021 COVID-19 Update

The IUP Community Music School opens for the Fall 2021 semester on Monday, August 30, 2021. This is one week after the start of the university semester.

We will continue offering both online and in-person private lesson instruction and are pleased that we can bring back some ensembles and classes. Be sure to visit the page for each to check on its status for the semester.

For online lessons, Zoom is available to IUPCMS instructors through IUP; but, instructors and students may use whichever online method both parties are most comfortable with—Skype, Google, Zoom, etc.—and whichever produces the best results for them.

Please continue to review the COVID-19 guidelines that are found at the top of the ensemble, class, and private lesson pages. These must be followed for participation, and are guided by university and music department policy.

Registration for the Fall semester is currently open and for private lessons, will be ongoing and rolling throughout the semester. The same minimum requirement of seven lessons for the semester still applies. For ensembles and classes being held, there will be a minimum number of registrations required for the offering to be held.

First-time users can click the crimson-colored Register Now link below for the online form. Previous participants simply need to email community-music@iup.edu with information on what they’d like lesson-wise for the fall, or what they're interested in regarding ensembles and classes.

Please continue to monitor this web page for updates on activities of the IUP Community Music School, as well as the IUP Community Music School Facebook page.

For additional information and guidelines from IUP on their response to COVID-19 pandemic, go to the university’s comprehensive Coronavirus Information page. Information on the music departments guidelines can be found here.

From the Director

We are excited to begin our ninth year of bringing high-quality music instruction through private lessons, ensemble participation, and select music classes to the region. Coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be offering private lessons, both virtually and in-person, some ensembles, and some classes. Be sure to visit the page for each to check on its status for the semester, as well as its Covid-19 protocols.

In all cases we will be following university and Music Department guidelines regarding Covid mitigation.

We certainly hope that the 2021-22 AY is much less stressful and traumatic, and with life hopefully bearing some semblance of normal.

On the funding side of the house, as you can imagine—and as it’s been for most businesses and organizations—finances continue to be a challenge. While there was a very real possibility that the school would close after the Summer 2021 semester, funding was identified and obtained for the year, and we will continue to offer the same quality instruction that we have for the past 8 years.

Some individuals have inquired on how to support the IUP Community Music School; so, in order to make this as easy as possible, the link below was set up so a gift can go directly to the IUPCMS. 

Give to the IUPCMS

We are continually working to keep the costs down and build a scholarship fund for deserving students, and donations of any amount support not only these efforts, but the operating costs of the Community Music School.

Given the financial challenges, however, and because our fees have remained the same for the past 6 years, we are raising the lesson fees for all private lessons.  It isn't much for our Teaching Apprentice and Teaching Artist levels, but is a little more substantial for IUP faculty members who teach in the IUPCMS. This is to help cover the required payments into a faculty members benefits plan.

If there is one thing all of us have discovered over the past year, it’s that the Arts truly matter and are so important to our quality of life. Whether music, art, dance, theater—you name it—we truly feel the loss of what we now know can easily be taken for granted.

For music, the beat only goes on if we support our youth in their musical efforts, whether through the IUPCMS or the music programs at their own schools. Keeping them going by either in-person or, if necessary, online options is critical in keeping our children engaged with their creative sides.

Last, be sure to check out and “Like” our Facebook page, not only for some of the articles, but also for the fun, interesting, and meaningful stories on music we run across.

Last, while we don't anticipate becoming a tweeting organization anytime soon (we think there's enough tweeting going on out there already!), be sure to check out and "Like" our Facebook page, not only for some of the articles, but also for the fun, interesting, and meaningful stories on music we run across.

Whether you’re young and just starting in music, or older and have been away from it for a while, the IUPCMS is the perfect and affordable place to find your way in the amazing world of music. Dust off your instrument if it’s been a while, and either take a few lessons, participate in an ensemble, or do both!

As always, if you have feedback, please feel free to email it to community-music@iup.edu. We continue to look forward to meeting the musical needs of the music teachers and community members in the Indiana regions for many years to come!

Best wishes as we begin what will hopefully be a much more positive academic year!

Jeff Wacker, Arts-in-Education Services Coordinator
IUP Community Music School
Lively Arts | ArtsPath

Registration Notes

Note 1: As it is throughout the entire year, private lesson registration is flexible and ongoing throughout the semester; however, most students sign up for a full semester of lessons, or nearly the full semester, depending on their various activities, schedules, etc.

Note 2:

  • The "Register Now" button found throughout the website is only for students new to the IUP Community Music School. Anyone who has been a student in the past should simply email community-music@iup.edu to let us know what you would like to register for, and with any other inquiries.
  • If the"Register Now" button does not work for you, please email community-music@iup.edu and let us know.

Note 3:

  • The IUP Community Music School assesses a $25 registration fee per individual student, per semester, for the fall and spring semesters.
  • The fee is reduced to $20 for the summer session.

This fee supports a very small portion of the total administrative costs associated with running the school.

Register Now


Private lessons of 30, 45, and 60-minutes are available in:

  • Brass
    (trumpet, trombone, horn, euphonium, tuba)
  • Electric Bass
  • Guitar (as available, other fretted instruments such as mandolin and ukulele)
  • Percussion
  • Piano and Organ
  • Voice
  • Woodwinds
    (flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, bassoon)


Evening and after-school ensembles include:

  • IUP Community Choir
    (age 14-adult)
  • Indiana Concert Band
    (age 15-adult)
  • Crimson Youth Choir
    (Primary and secondary students; offering the Voce select choir for older students, and the Crimson Children's Choir for younger students