Historical and Genealogical Society of Indiana County (HGSIC)

Coleen Chambers (chambers.coleen@gmail.com), Director

Dr. Chris Catafalmo (catalfamo1190@comcast.net), Historical Researcher

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Libraries

Dr. Theresa McDevitt (mcdevitt@iup.edu), Project Director

Mr. Harrison Wick (hwick@iup.edu), Special Collections and Archives Librarian

Mr. Chris Clouser (cclouser@iup.edu), Web Librarian

Ms. Patricia Johner (pjohner@iup.edu), Metadata Cataloger

Indiana University of Pennsylvania History Department

Dr. Jeanine Mazak-Kahne (j.mkahne@iup.edu), Public History, Project Co-director

Dr. Soo Lu (Soo.Lu@iup.edu), Educational Consultant

Evaluation Consultants

Dr. Mark Staskiewicz (Mark.Staszkiewicz@iup.edu), Education and School Psychology

Dr. Tim Runge (Timothy.Runge@iup.edu), Education and School Psychology

Graduate Student Workers

Andrea Harms (ajm.harms@gmail.com), English

Seth Farley (s.j.farley@iup.edu) History

Undergraduate Student Workers

Carrie Ditzler (c.ditzler@iup.edu)

Melanie Jill Smith (m.j.smith7@iup.edu)

Michele Troutman (m.l.troutman@iup.edu)

Undergraduate Intern

Kelsey L. Lowman (k.l.lowman2@iup.edu), History