Each man and woman who lived through the Civil War era had a story to tell. Most of us are familiar with the famous names associated with the Civil War: Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, etc. While few, the prominence of those men can often overshadow the lives and experiences of the hundreds of thousands of individuals involved in the conflict.

Some of those individuals were mothers and fathers who hoped their children would return from the war; others were soldiers themselves who saw the horrors of the battlefield first-hand. It is only through studying the experiences of these individuals that we gain a more complete picture of this critical period of United States history.

This section provides biographical information on the men and women who are featured in the Civil War Era collection. Through this information, we hope that the reader will not only become more familiar with the individuals discussed, but also gain a greater knowledge of the context in which these people experienced the Civil War.

Henry Lloyd White

Henry Lloyd White was born on January 12, 1834 to Thomas White and Catherine Brooks McConnell White in Indiana, Pennsylvania. He was the youngest of four children two older brothers, Richard and Alexander, and an older sister Juliet. His father

Judge Thomas White

Judge Thomas White was born in Battle Abbey, Hastings, England to an aristocratic Roman Catholic family in 1799. He came to the United States with his parents and studied law in Philadelphia. He took a position caring for the legal

Richard White

Richard White was the eldest son of Judge Thomas White, and elder brother to Harry and Alexander White.