IUP implemented integration between Banner and D2L which allows for real-time data processing between Banner and D2L. This allows enrollments in Banner to be updated to D2L and the ability to push grades directly to Banner from D2L.

Highlights of this integration include:

  • Gradebook integration with Banner (for submitting midterm and final grades)
    • Batch Submit grades to the Registrar's Office
    • N grade will require date of last attendance
  • Real-time course enrollment
    • Previous enrollment processing delay eliminated
    • Students will have instant access to a course (if the course is active in D2L)
  • Course shells will be available as soon as the course is created in Banner.
  • Automatic Course Cross-listing
    • Cross-listed courses will no longer need to have a meta course requested.
    • For example, some graduate and undergraduate courses, business and non-business, cross-discipline course listings
  • Banner ID and Username appear for instructors in the following locations:
    • Gradebook
    • Class list
    • Class Progress
  • Enhanced course descriptions of course names
    • Pre-Summer 2020 Course Description: Spring 2019 PSYC 101 001
    • Post-Summer 2020 Course Descriptions: Spring 2022 General Psychology (PSYC-101-001)