All faculty-led programs will be handled through the IUP Office of International Education. All student applications will be processed on StudioAbroad (online software) via the OIE.

Once the program is approved by IUP (see Steps to Leading a Group, below), faculty will work with the OIE to customize the information on StudioAbroad (application components, public brochure, etc.). Approved faculty leaders will have access to follow up on inquiries, review applications, and make final admission decisions for their program participants.

Steps to Leading a Group

  1. Complete the program proposal (with budget) and submit. Recurring programs will need to resubmit each time. The program proposal is an iform. It is important to note that it must be completed at one time.

    The proposal workflow:

    1. Faculty leader to director for Education Abroad who will look for completeness and compliance (IUP policies, state and/or federal regulations). Will notify faculty leader if any red flags or updates are needed.

    2. Next, the proposal will go automatically to the department chair of the faculty leader. Once accepted by the chairperson, it proceeds to the dean of the college.

    3. Once the dean of the college accepts, it will return to the OIE, the AVP of International Education, then to the provost for final approval.

    4. At any time, if an approver rejects the proposal, for any reason, it results in starting back at the beginning of the workflowthe faculty leader will need to resubmit proposal. Therefore, it is highly encouraged to consult with the OIE, chairperson, and dean before submitting proposal.

  2. Work on "background" information.
    This will include, but not be limited to, working on e-brochure in StudioAbroad, creating deadlines, obtaining proper designated accounts within department, setting up a payment schedule in IUP Marketplace, and finalizing itinerary.

  3. Recruit, recruit, recruit!
    Faculty may recruit as noted in program proposal (only after IUP approval). If there are non-IUP students participating, faculty must work with OIE to get visiting students admitted (assistant director does the non-IUP student/visiting student admits for Education Abroad programs). All prospective participants will apply on the StudioAbroad application. Faculty leaders may want to hold information meetings to discuss the proposed program.

  4. Select final participants
    It is up to the faculty leader to select admission criteria and final participants accordingly. Together with the assistant director, you will confirm participants.

  5. Attend the OIE Pre-departure Program with students

  6. Departure - Program - Return - Wrap-up
    While there is no formal wrap-up with the OIE, we always appreciate photos and meeting with the faculty leader to discuss the program.

Leading a Group Abroad

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