Faculty-led Education Abroad Workshop 101 (by request)

If you would like to meet, please contact the OIE.

In this brief 30-minute workshop, we will address the following objectives:

  • Defining what and how education abroad experiences work at IUP.
  • Identifying components to building a program.
  • Comparing program types, durations, and locations.
  • Evaluating if this project is right for you.
  • Formulating a tentative plan and timeline for proposal submission.

Faculty-led Education Abroad Workshop 201(by request)

Faculty who have knowledge of the objectives from Workshop 101 are encouraged to participate in 201.

After this brief 30-minute workshop, applicants will be able to:

  • Identify which types of marketing will be most appropriate for their program.
  • Classify which program parameters will be most appropriate for their program.
  • Examine and generalize the application process.
  • Design and construct a brochure page on StudioAbroad.
  • Summarize the entire education abroad process (financial, marketing, academics, university policies, roles, etc.)

It is the responsibility of the faculty leader to ensure that each student who goes abroad completes the necessary paperwork.