Feel free to email us with any questions at IUP-HOUSING@iup.edu.

What are the perks?

  • Students are not required to choose between on-campus housing and a pet-friendly environment.
  • Living with a long-term pet makes the residence hall environment feel more like home.
  • The communities are conveniently located on the ground floor of Putt Hall and the ground floor of Suites on Pratt.

What type of pet can I bring?

  • Generally, most dogs, cats, and birds will be welcome in the Pet-Friendly Community.
  • Each resident is limited to only one pet.
  • Only long-term pets will be permitted in this phase of the Pet-Friendly Community. IUP defines long-term ownership as at least two months prior to moving into the community. Documentation is required.
  • Any animals, such as snakes or mice, that can fit under doors or through gaps smaller than two inches are not permitted on campus.
  • Fish are permitted in all of our residential facilities as long as the tank is 10 gallons or under.

I have been approved to have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Do I need to live in the Pet-Friendly Community?

No. Approved ESAs and service animals are considered an accommodation and are permitted in each of our residential communities. While you are welcome to be a part of the Pet-Friendly Community, you are not required to live there.

Is there any special paperwork that I need to fill out?

Yes. You will be required to complete a Pet-Friendly Housing Application and a Statement of Understanding prior to bringing your pet onto campus. The statement includes the policies for having a pet on campus, your responsibilities as a pet owner, and pet care and documentation requirements.

What about my roommate?

Your roommate does not have to have a pet to live with you in the Pet-Friendly Community. Roommates without pets will also be required to sign a statement of understanding concerning their role in living in a pet-friendly environment. Individuals without pets will not be required to live with a roommate who has a pet.

How do I sign up for the Pet-Friendly Community?

When signing up for housing through your MyIUP portal, select a space on the ground floor of Putt Hall or the ground floor of Suites on Pratt. Shortly after you complete your Housing License Agreement, you will be able to complete the Pet-Friendly Housing Application and the Statement of Understanding.