The Health Service is the campus health-care provider for IUP Students.

As part of the Rhonda H. Luckey Center for Health and Well-Being, located in the Suites on Maple East, we provide routine health services for students. Use the menu to learn more about our services, fees, and procedures. We welcome questions via email or phone.

Mission Statement

The Health Service is a proud member of the Student Affairs Division at IUP. Skilled, competent, caring health professionals provide patient education and medical services to students. These are designed to improve students' wellness and sustain their health. Our goal is to help students be successful in their academic endeavors. As members of both the IUP and health-care communities, the health service staff works collaboratively to identify and advocate for student needs and to provide appropriate high-quality, cost-effective responses.

—Adopted Spring 1997/Revised 2008/Reviewed annually