Health Service

  • Health Service, located in the Suites on Maple East
  • The Health Service is the campus health-care provider for IUP students.

    As part of the Center for Health and Well-Being, located in the Suites on Maple East, we provide routine health services for students. Use the menu to the left to learn more about our services, fees, and procedures. We welcome questions via e-mail or phone.

    IUP Health Service Login

    All IUP students must complete the online health forms. Freshmen cannot access these forms until they have registered for classes (during Orientation). The information is now required to be entered electronically via this Web link by the student. This includes Consent for Treatment, Health History, Immunization Dates, Medical Insurance Information, Notice of Privacy Practices, and an emergency contact. Make sure to obtain immunization records from your PCP / family physician / pediatrician, or high school prior to logging into the website. For more info on submitting your health info, please watch this video.


    For emergency care when we are not open, go to the emergency department of Indiana Regional Medical Center, or call 911 (9-911 if on campus). There is a blue emergency phone at both ends of the Center for Health and Well-Being.


    Hot Topics

    For all current information, including updates regarding MERS, the Ebola virus disease, influenza, and other topics that involve public health issues.

  • Meningitis B Information

    Meningitis B is a growing concern on college campuses. Most students have received the meningitis vaccine for A, C, W, Y, as a state requirement prior to starting college; however until recently there was no vaccine to prevent Meningitis B. Students ages 17–23 are at the highest risk for Meningitis B with a 9 percent greater risk for college students vs. non-college students.

    Meningitis B vaccines will be available on September 27, 2018, at the Health Service, located on the ground floor of Suits on Maple East, Suite G-65.  Call 724-357-2550 to schedule an appointment or get more information.

    The links below will provide you with more information about Meningitis B and what students can do to stay healthy.

    Meningitis B Vaccine Information Statement

    Meningitis B FAQ