IUP offers students a wealth of research tools through its extensive library collections and subscriptions to online journals. Before subscribing to expensive online resources, spend some time investigating what published scholarly research is available to you through the university.

IUP Library Databases

If you are not on campus, you must use the IUP VPN to gain access to the services below.

  • Pilot Online Catalog - Search for books, journals, movies, and other resources maintained in the library's collections.
  • Article Databases - Search for journal articles in Academic Universe, EBSCOhost, WilsonWeb, and other databases.

Visit the library web pages for access to even more resources.

Published Theses and Dissertations

IUP students have access to several important databases of published theses and dissertations.

Digital Object Identifiers

Many peer-reviewed journals are assigning Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) to their published articles. DOIs are unique strings of characters assigned to documents. These identifiers are permanent and ensure access to a document despite changes to its online location (URL).

  • Free DOI Lookup - Search for the DOI numbers of journal articles and other documents by author/title information.
  • Resolve DOI Name - Search for journal articles and other documents by DOI number.