You can use these instructions to merge two or more separate PDF files into a single PDF file:

  1. Make certain all files you want to merge have been converted to PDF.
  2. From the File menu (in Acrobat), go to Create PDF > From Multiple Files.
  3. A new dialog box opens, so that you can add the files you want to combine. Select the Browse button, navigate to each file, and use the Add button to select it. (This works similarly to the Browse feature for adding attachments to an e-mail.)
  4. When you have listed all the files to be included, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to rearrange the order of the files, so that they appear as you would like them to in the merged document. Or, you can use the Remove button to delete a particular file that you are not going to use.
  5. To merge the selected documents, select OK.

Find more tips on working with PDF(must have Adobe Reader to use this tutorial).