a group of students taking notes in a foreign languages classroomStudying a foreign language is an excellent educational choice in today's global society, whether you choose our nationally recognized program for Spanish teachers, our bachelor's degree in Spanish, a minor (in German, French, or Spanish), one of our four certificates, or classes offered  in many other languages such as Korean, Japanese, or other Critical Languages. Foreign language skills are highly marketable in many fields such as education, nursing, business, criminology, tourism, human services, and politics.





Placement Testing

Get information for students on placement testing and getting college credit for your advanced knowledge of Spanish, French, and German.

Foreign Language Diversity and Inclusion Serieslogo for Foreign Language Diversity and Inclusion Series

The Foreign Languages Diversity and Inclusion Series (FOLDIS) was designed to promote cultural awareness while providing unique insights into the everyday importance of embracing diversity and inclusion.

FOLDIS provided an opportunity to engage with others to better understand the people in the world around us. Participants will be able to broaden their worldview, consider new perspectives in common situations, understand how their interactions with others may be perceived, and more.

Skills learned as part of the activities, lectures, and workshops are not just important for their own sake. Increasingly, employers are looking for globally-facing employees who are able and comfortable connecting with other cultures. All FOLDIS participants were able to earn certificates of participation, which can look great on a résumé in a wide range of fields.


Congratulations to Graduates of Foreign Languages Dept!

The Department of Foreign Languages congratulates our students who are graduating with a certificate, minor, or major in one of the languages we are offering.

IUP Students Help Bridge Language Gap at Local Business

In fall 2023, nine IUP students interpreted for 20 new employees at Indiana factory Specialty Tires of America, hired directly from Mexico through the company's participation in an H-2B work visa program.

Annual Spring Methodology Conference on Teaching of Foreign Languages, Presented by Dept. of Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages held the annual IUP Spring Methodology Conference on Foreign Language Teaching on Friday, April 19, 2024.

Appalachian Professional Language Educators' Society Hosts Foreign Language Festival at IUP

On March 23, 2024, the Appalachian Professional Language Educators' Society (APPLES) hosted its annual Foreign Language Festival on the IUP campus.

Iota Mu Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi Celebrates 51st Initiation Ceremony

IUP's Iota Mu Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Hispanic Honor Society, celebrated its 51st initiation ceremony on Friday, December 1, 2023.