Thank you for your interest in web maintainer training for the Cascade content management system. 

Live sessions are offered throughout the semester and are delivered via Zoom. Registration is required for these sessions. Note: If you are not yet a web maintainer, please first contact the department or office so they can request that you be added as one. Registrations can only be completed for current web maintainers.

On-demand, at-your-own-pace training is available at any time for web maintainers. Registration is recommended for on-demand sessions so that you are correctly set up with CMS access. 

Register for Live or On-Demand Training Sessions

On-Demand Training Sessions

Registration not required to view the training videos, but if you are a new maintainer, please complete the registration form or submit an ihelp to request CMS access. 



Note: an IUP login is required to view these Microsoft Stream videos.

Resources for Registered Maintainers

If you have attended Cascade training, here are some resources for you as you continue working with Cascade: