IUP has converted its primary IUP.edu website to a responsive, mobile-ready design. The project started on July 24, 2015, and concluded in June 2017. Approximately 67,000 pages were converted to the new design.

The new design is the result of a collaboration between the Digital Team, IT Services, and the Design Studio, and has been done entirely in house. Aside from the visual refresh, the new design contains several new functions and features designed to strengthen our online presence:

  • Responsive Design. Our new responsive design is automatically optimized for mobile devices. With 39 percent of our outside web traffic coming from mobile devices last year, this is a vital upgrade.

  • Improved Navigation. Breadcrumbs and menus have been combined and redesigned for ease of use. New pages are automatically added to the menu, improving navigation sitewide.

  • No More Numbered URLs. Our URLs are now much easier to understand and share. The new wording helps to bring more traffic to our site from search engines.

  • In Line with Current IUP Graphic Standards. The new design presents a consistent image to prospective students when they compare what they see online to what we send in the mail.

  • Wider Content Area. A content area that's 41 percent wider on desktop computers gives us more room to show all that we have to offer. Photos and videos look great at this larger size. (And on smaller screens, the content area slims down to fit.)

  • Visual Page Layout. Our new templates allow web maintainers to assemble pages visually instead of through metadata or a multizone form.

Site conversions are currently on hold while we work on IUP's implementation of Ellucian CRM Recruit. We expect conversions to restart in late June or early July.

The remaining sub-sites will be completed in order from most viewed to least viewed. Web maintainers will be notified when we are preparing to convert a site to the new template. The process will only take a day for most sites. During that time, access to that site for editing will be limited.