When we talk about making your website more effective, we mean helping you to carry out the overall goals of the IUP and its online presence.

A list of those goals might include:

  • Encouraging more potential students to apply
  • Helping current students to complete their degrees successfully
  • Letting more people know about IUP and what we do
  • Encouraging more alumni and others to support IUP, financially and otherwise

In more practical terms:

  1. We want to get found
  2. We want people to read our content
  3. We want people to take action: applying, registering, donating, etc.


Running content checks: spelling, links, and accessibility

Content strategy

IUP Brand: content guide

Best practices for marketing
[link to https://www.iup.edu/digital/howto/bestpractices/marketing/]

University style guide

Following best practices for content development while using the Cascade CMS will help to achieve our university goals.