Training Program for Graduate Students

  • Training Director: Eric Rosenberger, PhD

    Description of Setting: The Counseling Center provides direct psychological services, consultation, and student development programming to the IUP community. It also serves as a training site for graduate students from IUP’s Clinical Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling programs.

    Nature of Experience: Graduate trainees are responsible for providing individual and group psychotherapy/counseling, intake and triage, and outreach programming on campus. Graduate assistants also participate in the Center’s on-call rotation during the Center’s daylight hours. A graduate trainee can expect to work with a range of intellectually and emotionally challenging client concerns, including: anxiety and stress; depression and grief; physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse; eating disorders; individuation; sexuality and sexual identity; and peer and family relationships.

    Supervision and Training: Practicum students are responsible for maintaining a caseload of three to five clients per week (plus one intake), and graduate assistants and field placement students are responsible for a caseload of 10 clients (plus two intakes). All graduate trainees are assigned a faculty supervisor/psychologist with whom they meet for one hour of weekly supervision. Trainees also attend training meetings for two hours weekly, which address clinical and professional issues related to working with the Center’s student population.

    Course Prerequisites: Individual counseling or intervention courses. Group course is necessary if interested in leading groups. Some previous clinical experience is required.

    Time and Credit Requirements

    Practicum: Three semester credits (10 hours per week) during consecutive fall and spring semesters.

    Graduate Assistantship (half-time): Twenty hours per week during consecutive fall and spring semesters. Hours must be distributed over a minimum of three days per week. Standard GA stipend/tuition package.

    Graduate Assistantship (quarter-time): Ten hours per week during consecutive fall and spring semesters. 

    Field Placement (half-time for two semesters): Twenty hours per week during consecutive fall and spring semesters. Hours must be distributed over a minimum of three days per week. 


    Dr. Jessica Miller Psychologist/Haven Project Counselor and Outreach Coordinator 
    Associate Professor and Department Chairperson

    Dr. David M. Myers Psychologist/Outreach Coordinator
    Associate Professor

    Dr. Eric W. Rosenberger Psychologist/Training Director

    Dr. Dylan Corp Counselor

    Dr. Kristin Faust Counselor/Substance Use and Abuse Coordinator