Counseling Center Personnel

Office Manager

Kristy Rowley


Approach to Therapy

My approach is based on building strong relationships because trust and compassion is essential for change. I believe, while emotional pain is universal, every person is unique. I listen with empathy and provide honest feedback to help people grow and heal. I have experience with diverse populations in addressing struggles with trauma histories, mood disorders, boundaries, identity, and relationships. I try to help people get through the worst parts of their day right away, but I also work with people to discover what is keeping them stuck in not so helpful patterns.


Identity development

Building metaphors with clients


Play in therapy

Science fiction, reading, and most things nerdy

Avid oil painter



Group coordinator

Coffee brewer

Clinical Case Manager

Clinical Associates and Trainees

Our clinical associates and trainees are doctoral students in the Psychology Department's PsyD program in Clinical Psychology and master's students in the Counseling Department's MA program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. They are supervised by our licensed psychologists.

Emily Friedrich, MA, LPC
Chloe DePaola, MA
Dominique Broadnax, MA
Mariah Fyke, MA
Sarah Gann, MA
Lianna McDaniel, MA
Daniel Savage, MA
Karley Richard, MA