Office Manager

Kristy Rowley


724-357-7728 (fax)


Haven Project Director


Group Coordinator


Dr. Anne McCurdy, Ph.D., LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Clinical Case Manager

Clinical Case Manager


Clinical Associates and Trainees

Our clinical associates and trainees are doctoral students in the Psychology Department's PsyD program in Clinical Psychology and master's students in the Counseling Department's MA program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. They are supervised by our licensed psychologists.

Sonya Bisol, M.A.

Simonie Grabowski, M.A.

Cyrus Chiasson, M.A.

Carissa Harvey, M.A., M.A.

Nicole Henry, M.A.

Ashley Kisielewicz

Aneyra Perez Sadler, MA

Juliette Sauter, MA

Kristen Slapinski, M.A.

Ashley Stapley, M.A.

Tiffany Spisak

Amobiye Nkromah, M.S.Ed., LPC, CCTP