The Counseling Center

We get it. College can be tough! Change is hard!

The IUP Counseling Center is here to help.

The Counseling Center provides services Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. when classes are in session. Counseling Services are included in your Wellness Fee.

Wondering how to get started? The Counseling Center is available by phone (724-357-2621) or email ( Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. In your email, write, “Hi, I'm interested in scheduling an appointment.”  You will receive a response from the department secretary with scheduling options.

In case of an emergency, please contact the Indiana County Crisis Hotline at 1-877-333-2470, University Police at 724-357-2141, or go to the Indiana Regional Medical Center.

Counseling and Case Management Services Now Booking for the Fall Semester

To schedule an appointment, call 724-3572621 or email 

Counseling and Case Management services will resume on Monday, August 22, at 8:00 a.m.

You can find us on:

In case of an emergency: Dial 911, contact University Police at 724-357-2141, or call the Armstrong-Indiana Crisis Hotline at 1-877-333-2470.

Togetherall is available to over two million students globally, in higher and further education. Here is the story of one student member: "The comforting thing about it is knowing that there are professionals constantly monitoring it."

Sooner or later we all go through tough times. We might seem okay on the outside, but inside we are struggling—and that’s okay. You are not alone. IUP has expanded its student mental health supports to include Togetherall—an anonymous, online peer-to-peer mental health community that’s active 24/7 and free to access. Register with your student email at Togetherall

In case of an emergency: dial 911, go to the Indiana Regional Medical Center, contact University Police at 724-357-2141, or call the Armstrong-Indiana Crisis Hotline at 1-877-333-2470.
Online Mental Health Screenings

Take a free, anonymous screening for anxiety, depression, alcohol use, and eating disorders to determine whether professional consultation would be helpful.

Request an Outreach or Educational Program

The Center for Health and Well-Being (CHWB) provides outreach and educational programs at no cost to IUP faculty, staff, and students. To submit a request for a member of the CHWB to speak to your class or organization, please fill out the form.


Common misperceptions about counseling and therapy

Consultation and Workshops

Information about consultation, diversity, and workshops offered by the Counseling Center.

Training Program for Graduate Students

Find out more about the Graduate Student Training Program offered at the Counseling Center!

Groups for IUP Students

Talking with other students who have similar experiences provides support and perspective. Find out more about group counseling offered at the Counseling Center.


Information about current groups, crisis and emergency services, outreach and consultation, online help, substance use and abuse, and training


Follow the links below to find out more information about anxiety, stress, mindfulness, and more.