In the Department of Counseling, a limited number of 20-hour assistantships (20 hours per week of assistantship service) and 10-hour assistantships (10 hours per week of assistantship service) are awarded to Department of Counseling degree-seeking graduate students each year.

Graduate assistants work under the supervision of a faculty member either 10 or 20 hours/week. In return, they are provided a partial tuition reduction and a stipend that is distributed throughout the graduate assistant contract period, which is typically fall-spring semesters.

Graduate assistantship duties vary by supervisor and include helping faculty members with teaching, research, and university service activities. Assistantships are looked upon as an encouragement or reward for academic excellence rather than a means to relieve financial need.

The deadline for applying for a fall assistantship is March 25 of the same calendar year. Applications should be submitted directly to the Department of Counseling.

Inquiries about Department of Counseling graduate assistantships can be emailed to