Admission Workshop Evaluation Process

Applicants satisfying the master's credential screening process are notified by mail and invited to participate in a Master's Admissions Workshop (fall, spring, or summer) with other applicants who have applied for admission during the same semester.

The purpose of the workshop is threefold:

  1. for faculty and students to get acquainted,
  2. to inform students about the counseling programs, and
  3. to determine student interpersonal and writing skills which are assessed through group activities and a writing sample.

This process will address CACREP Standard 6 A3.

The doctoral program accepts applications on a rolling basis. Once the materials listed on the Doctoral Credential Evaluation Process page are received, they will be reviewed by the Department of Counseling faculty of the doctoral program. After application materials are reviewed, the doctoral applicant will be contacted to schedule an online interview with the Department of Counseling faculty to further review their materials and discuss their qualifications for the program.

Doctoral program admission criteria include:

  • academic aptitude for doctoral-level study
  • previous professional experience
  • fitness for the profession, including self-awareness and emotional stability
  • oral and written communication skills
  • cultural sensitivity and awareness
  • potential for scholarship, professional leadership, and advocacy

Admissions recommendations for the master's-level program are made by the Department of Counseling faculty after each workshop, and admissions recommendations for the doctoral program are made by the Department of Counseling faculty after a comprehensive review of submitted materials and interview data. These recommendations are then forwarded to the Graduate School which, in turn, contacts all applicants in writing, informing them of their status. Newly admitted students receive a “pre-candidacy” letter with the name of their advisor, whom they should contact immediately to discuss program plans and course selection for the coming semester.