The graphics lab, located on the ground floor of Stouffer Hall, provides a variety of software applications. The facility is used for instruction in graphics as well as multimedia production.

Mac Lab Software applications available in the lab include Adobe Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver. Also available are Adobe Photoshop andAdobe Illustrator, among others, the industry standards for multimedia production.

Our department also offers access to a multimedia lab, and it also features Adobe Design programs, plus Sony Vegas editing software.

Some of the courses taught in these labs include Communications Graphics, Advanced Communication Graphics, Multimedia Production, Graphic Picture Beginning Photography, and Electronic Imaging. These courses have enrollment limits of 20-25 students, which allows each individual time to experiment and receive personal attention from the faculty. There are ample"open lab"times for students to work on assignments and/or do creative work that is of personal interest.

Students in these courses create designs for CD covers, business cards, promotional flyers, and other communication graphics.