Each year, the university confers the title “Emeritus” on qualified retired faculty and academic administrators who have been recommended through a department-based process.

What does it mean to be “professor emeritus”? “Emeritus” is rooted in Latin e (from) and meritus (deserve, earn). Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary gives these definitions of emeritus:

adjective - 
1. holding after retirement an honorary title corresponding to that held last during active service.
2. retired from an office or position; professor emeritus;

noun -
one retired from professional life but permitted to hold the rank of his last office as an honorary title

Emeritus status is an honor conferred by the university to show respect for a distinguished career.


Emeritus Faculty

Name Rank Retirement Date Year Awarded
Dr. Roy Harding Professor 5/31/2002 2002
Dr. Augusta Syty Professor 5/31/2002 2002
Dr. Norm Gaggini Professor 6/28/2002 2002
Dr. Dick Roberts Associate Professor 5/31/2002 2002
Dr. John Matolyak Professor 1/10/2003 2003
Dr. Dennis Whitson Professor 5/30/2003 2003
Dr. Thomas Crumm Professor 6/25/2004 2004
Dr. Pothen Varughese Professor 5/28/2004 2004
Dr. Ruiess Ramsey Associate Professor 6/30/2006 2006
Dr. Kenneth Hershman Professor 6/22/2007 2007
Dr. Wallace Freeman Professor 6/4/2010 2011
Dr. Michael Briggs Associate Professor 8/24/2012 2013
Dr. Sharon Sowa Associate Professor 5/31/2013 2013
Dr. John Woolcock Professor 1/29/2013 2013
Dr. Lawrence Kupchella Assistant Professor 5/31/2017 2017
Dr. Devki Talwar Professor 8/17/2018 2019