Associate Professor

Office: 361 Kopchick Hall
Phone: 724-357-4481
Research Group Website


BS - Calcutta University
PhD - Wesleyan University
Postdoctoral Fellowship - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign


Applied Biochemistry


CHEM 101/102 College Chemistry I/II
CHEM 351 Biochemistry
BIOC 481 Special Topics in Biochemistry, "Protein Engineering"

Research Interests

The goal of our research is to utilize the unique properties of proteins, peptides and DNA for developing biocatalyst and biosensor. Techniques and methods involve a variety of molecular biology and protein engineering tools, including rational, semi-rational and evolutionary approaches.

Select Publications

Majumdar, S ., Lukk, T., Solbiati, O. J., Bauer, S., Nair, K. S., Cronan, E. J., and Gerlt, A. J. (2014) Roles of small laccases from Streptomyces in lignin degradation, Biochemistry, 53, 4047-4058.

Majumdar, S ., and Pratt, R. F. (2009) Intramolecular cooperativity in the reaction of diacyl phosphates with serine -lactamases, Biochemistry, 48(35), 8293-8298.

Majumdar,S ., and Pratt, R. F. (2009) Inhibition of class A and class C -lactamases by diaroyl phosphates, Biochemistry, 48(35), 8285-8292.

Majumdar, S ., Aderinan, S. A., Nukaga, M., and Rex R. F. (2005) Inhibition of class D -lactamases by diaroyl phosphates, Biochemistry, 44(49), 16121-16129.

Mukherjee, S., Majumdar, S ., and Bhattacharyya, D. (2005) Role of hydrogen bonds in protein-DNA recognition: effect of nonpolar amino groups, J. Phys. Chem. B, 109(20), 10484-10492.