Greg Kenning


Office: 169 Kopchick Hall
Phone: 724-357-2192


PhD, Michigan State University, Phsics, 1988
MSc, Queens University, Physics, 1983
BSc, University of Manitoba, Physics, 1981


Applied Physics


PHYS 111/112, Introductory Physics

Research Interests

The primary focus of Dr. Kenning's research is magnetism including fundamental magnetic measurements, nanoscale and magnetic material science, and biophysics applications of magnetism.

Current Research

Dr. Kenning is currently working on several projects, which fall into the above-mentioned categories:

  • Fundamental Magnetic Measurements
    1.1) Noise measurements and the Fluctuation Dissipation Theory
    1.2) Frustrated and Disordered Magnetic Materials
  • Nanoscale Physics and Applications
    2.1) Magnetic Nanoparticles
    2.2) Multilayer nanoparticles and thin films
  • Applied Bio Physics and Medical Devices3.1) Cancer Detection using Monoclonal Antibody Targeted Magnetic Nanoparticles and SQUID Scanner Magnetometery3.2) Mapping the Magnetism of the Human Body


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