The IUP Career and Professional Development Center provides unique and individualized opportunities for the IUP community and employers to come together and build relationships that allow students and alumni to make informed career decisions, gain lifelong career management skills, and achieve their professional goals.


The IUP Career and Professional Development Center will be fully integrated into the student experience so that all students have the opportunity to achieve their career goals and become purposeful, valuable, and contributing members of society.

Core Values

Our team identified five core values that embody the mission and vision of the IUP CPDC to ensure that we are appropriately serving our diverse stakeholders. We post them here as a daily reminder that these fundamental values guide our practice. We hope these values will inspire others to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.


We believe in encouraging others to identify their professional purpose and pursue their lifelong career ambitions by providing opportunities which support their growth and development.


We believe strong relationships are essential to developing and achieving shared goals and desired outcomes.


We believe in modeling high-quality standards through professional behavior.


We believe continuous improvement is key to effective, efficient, and innovative service.


We believe in promoting ethical decision making and always doing the right and best thing for our students and other constituents.

Career Development

The center functions as a comprehensive career planning resource within the university in order to meet the needs of IUP students and alumni by helping students develop self-awareness, enabling students to clarify and evaluate their career and educational goals, providing students with direction and information on the job market and educational opportunities, helping students develop a methodology to reach their educational goals, and assisting students in the career decision-making process. Some services are available to alumni.

Just a few of the services that are available include Career Services, the Disney College Program, internship information, and the Washington Center Internship Program. A detailed description of these services is listed below.

The Career and Professional Development Center offers a vast array of services for career-oriented students. Our goal is to help students to become more confident in their professional development and networking abilities so that they are able to make informed decisions about graduate schools and career opportunities. Here's what you can find at the Career and Professional Development Center:

  • Graduate school information
  • Job fair preparation and information
  • Mock Interview Program
  • Recruiting program
  • One-on-one career consultations
  • Professional development workshops
  • résumé and cover letter help

CPDC Annual Report

The CPDC 2018-19 Annual Report showcases student and alumni engagement, as well as networking and relationship building conducted by the Career and Professional Development Center.

What Is Your Game Plan?

A champion always has a strategy to win their competition. Good coaches help those athletes determine the necessary training and planning for success.

The IUP Career and Professional Development Center is committed to providing high-quality services and developmental opportunities to help students become successful. It provides students with career consulting and support on how to become active participants in their own continuing career development.

So where do you start? Think freshman year is too early to be focusing on a career after graduation? It's never too early! Use this checklist as a guide to help you get ahead of the competition.

Disney College Program 

The Disney College Program is for students of all majors and backgrounds. Students may choose to take seven different courses while working at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. This program provides a multitude of experiences in the areas of leadership, diversity, and professional development.


An internship or co-op is an educational plan which integrates classroom experience in industrial, business, government, or community-service work situations. It allows students to translate academic principles into action, test career interests, and develop skills and abilities through carefully planned and supervised programs related to the degree they are seeking.

Close liaison between the university and the firm, institution, or agency providing the work experience is essential to a quality internship/co-op. The university will assume the responsibility of integrating this experience within the student's curriculum.

Once a student connects first with their department internship coordinator, they can use the Career and Professional Development Center to assist them in polishing their skills in obtaining an internship.


The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars

The IUP Career and Professional Development Center, in cooperation with TWC, offers internships in Washington, DC, a city unique in its status as our nation's capital. As the epicenter of American government, Washington is a natural setting for political study. Beyond the political and government realm, however, Washington is also home to hundreds of major corporations, nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, and agencies.