I always felt confident about my résumé writing skills and work experience, but during the pandemic, I was having a really difficult time getting responses from potential employers, so I reached out to the IUP Career and Professional Development Center for help. Kelsey Thompson, the associate director, took the time to learn about my career path, future goals, and aspirations. She gave me actionable feedback to help my résumé create a more clear picture of my accomplishments and be more suitable for the virtual job-recruiting space. Almost immediately, more responses began coming in and I landed a great role that matched my goals perfectly!

The IUP CPDC is a great resource for everyone regardless of where you are in your career journey, and I can't thank them enough for their support!

—Zachary Jamison '12

In college you spend a lot of time trailblazing and learning new things. It can be totally overwhelming, but there is a whole community willing to help. For me, the IUP Career and Professional Development Center was integral in my success. I got my first professional headshot, honed my interview skills, and practiced networking in many different situations. Without the career center, my first real interview would have been a lot scarier and my LinkedIn profile would be lackluster.

A few years into my career, I now review résumés and interview candidates. I can vouch that recruiters only spend mere seconds on each résumé. You may be great in person, but we have to look at a lot of applications, and one small error could mean you don't make the cut. Getting a job and learning to be professional takes time, so why not go to the experts for help?

—Elena Kapp '16