Business Honors Program Description

The Business College has developed a program for advanced business students. The program offers a variety of unique attributes integrating the core business curriculum required by all business students. In addition to specialized curriculum, members of the honors program can participate in leadership development trips to Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, New York, and international sites.

Freshman HonorsCourses

Contemporary Business Issues
HBUS 101

Provides the foundation of the integrative nature of the college's majors by including seminar meetings discussing contemporary business issues with local, regional, and national alumni business leaders; research mentoring with college faculty and businesspeople; opportunities to provide service to the college, university, and the community; and the beginning of an electronic portfolio.

Honors Accounting
ACCT 201

Introduces the basic financial accounting concepts, principles, and practices applied to the preparation and interpretation of the major financial statements. Includes complete coverage of the accounting cycle, which will satisfy the information requirements of external decision makers. Topics covered are: asset valuation, liability measurement, income determination, and equity activities. Integrated throughout is a discussion of ethical issues and considerations.

ACCT 202

Introduces traditional managerial accounting concepts and procedures utilized in the organization and processing of accounting information for management decision-making purposes. Topics include managerial accounting and the business environment, cost terms and concepts, cost systems, cost behavior, and cost-volume-profit analysis. Also covers the master budget, standard costing and variance analysis, performance evaluation, responsibility accounting, relevant cost analysis, and decision making.

Sophomore HonorsCourses

Honors Business Law
BLAW 235

Explores the current American legal system by providing an introduction to a variety of legal topics important to all individuals and businesses. Topics must include sources of law, the court system and basic procedures, tort law, criminal law, and contracts. Topics may also include legal research and intellectual property. Ethical issues and international law are integrated throughout the course.

Honors Business Statistics
QBUS 215

Expands on the probabilistic concepts developed in MATH 214 to orient the student toward managerial decision making using quantitative methodologies. Topics include classical regression analysis, forecasting, Bayesian decision theory, linear programming, and simulation.

Honors Business and Interpersonal Communications
BCOM 321

A study of communication theory and principles as applied to business situations and practices; development of communication skills in areas of communication such as speaking, writing, listening, and nonverbal communicating. Emphasizes building effective interpersonal relations in a business environment.

Honors Management Information Systems: Theory and Practice
IFMG 300

Includes basic MIS concepts, fundamentals, and practices. Broad areas of coverage are principles, the computer as a problem-solving tool, computer-based information systems, organizational information systems, and information systems management.

Honors Principles of Management
MGMT 310

Provides an in-depth identification and understanding of the relevant theories, concepts, and principles underlying the management function.

Junior HonorsCourses

Honors Fundamentals of Finance
FIN 310

The study of valuation models, financial statement analysis and forecasting, capital budgeting methods, and working capital management. Also includes an introduction to risk and return, capital markets and institutions, and security valuation.

Honors Production and Operations Management
MGMT 330

A study of converting an organization's inputs into outputs, whether in goods-producing or service industries. An overview of concepts, tools, and techniques used in management of the production and operations function in organizations.

Honors Principles of Marketing
MKTG 320

A study of those activities necessary to the design, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods and services for use by organizations and ultimate consumers.

Senior Honors Course

Honors Business Policy
MGMT 495

A capstone case analysis course that gives practice in applying business theories to the solution of management problems. An analysis of how top management determines strategy and policy and influences the philosophy and character of the company. Develops a general management viewpoint that integrates the various functions of the organization.

Business Honors Experiences

Freshman Honors Excursion


Sophomore Honors Excursion

Washington, D.C.

Junior Honors Excursion

Discover India, International Trip

Senior Honors Excursion

New York City

Seniors will be offered an opportunity to travel abroad with their cohort for approximately one week The Eberly College has several prominent university partnerships in other countries. The most prominent at the present time are in Germany, France, India, and China.

In addition to the honors excursions, honors students are encouraged to participate in Study Abroad programs throughout the Spring semester of their junior year. Find more information onStudy Abroad programs.