Can I be in the Eberly College of Business and IT Honors Program as well as the Cook Honors College?

Absolutely! There are many students who are able to balance the curriculum of the Eberly honors program as well as the Cook Honors College. Many of the Eberly honors students are able to be involved with both programs and still graduate on time.

How many students do you accept into the program each year?

We generally accept between 30 and 35 students for each cohort. Many students like the small classes because each year you travel together in your cohort and take the same classes together.

Will I take only honors courses?

Eberly requires the completion of 36 core honors credits to graduate in the honors program. You will takenine honors credits your freshman year, 15 as a sophomore, nine as a junior, and three in your senior year. The remainder of your classes will be regular classes with the rest of the IUP campus.

Will I have time to be involved in other organizations on campus as well?

Of course! Eberly offers 15 student organizations in the college in which many of the honors students are involved. IUP also has hundreds of other organizations to choose from as well.

Will being in the honors program hurt my grades?

The standards for the honors program are higher in the honors classes. However, it is a good thing, and you will probably be rewarded because of it. Many students have noted that the honors program has allowed them to gain better time management skills and stay on top of their game. The energetic atmosphere of the honors classes will push you to your true potential. We have great faculty here at Eberly that are more than willing to help students whenever they need it.

Do you give scholarships?

We do offer numerous scholarships. You can find scholarship information and a link to the application on the Eberly Scholarships web page.