JaquanMajor – Marketing

Featured Activity – Eberly Business Honors Program

Hometown – Pittsburgh, PA

I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I decided to come to Eberly College of Business during a “gap year,” after I graduated high school. I was extremely stressed after dealing with the loss of my father and my own personal medical issues. I was accepted to numerous schools around the east coast of the United States, but I knew I wasn't ready to attend. I chose to spend my gap year working for AmeriCorps, which allowed me to invest my time with the kids at an elementary school in my local neighborhood. While working for AmeriCorps, I bought a car and decided to stay within driving distance of Pittsburgh for my post-secondary education.

I decided upon a Marketing degree at IUP, after searching for good business schools close to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. While attending IUP, I realized, in the past I was underachieving and not using my full potential. IUP faculty pushed me to challenge myself, which is why I joined business honors and a few more student organization to further my involvement on campus. Along with the unforeseen pandemic, I have experienced many different challenges during my time at IUP that I know have prepared me for the real world and a successful future. Professors have ensured I use my skills confidently and make a place for myself in the business world.