Accounting Major

Matt Swackhammer"Every opportunity presented provides a pathway to success. Take advantage of every opportunity Eberly and IUP give you, and you will see that IUP truly is Beyond Expectations. IUP has given me the confidence in myself and my abilities and the network of alumni that will allow you to excel in your career. The faculty truly care about you so do not be shy of them because they will help you in your academic career, professional career, and your personal life. GO HAWKS!

"I am from Plum, Pa., a suburb of Pittsburgh. I selected IUP because of the proximity to my house since my mom had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the key reasons for my selection of IUP was the great value and cost, but also because of the award-winning faculty and facilities Eberly offers. IUP allowed me to go to school at a reasonable cost because I was paying for school with my own money because of my mom's health. Without the affordability of IUP, I doubt I would be on the verge of graduating this year.

"Since November of 2009, I have served on the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC). During my term, I have been challenged with many different conflicts that required me to act in different manners. These conflicts were challenging because it made me realize that not every problem has a clear solution, and you need to do extensive research before coming to a rational decision.

"I have been able to help the IFC benefit as well. I helped in planning fundraising efforts for Movember (raising awareness for testicular and colon cancers), Rock the Grove (benefited the Alice Paul House), and also the Holiday Canning that all fraternities and sororities were involved in (proceeds went to Treasures for Children). With my help, our community saw what Greeks were truly about, and we were able to help the process of changing the perception of Greeks in the Indiana community.

"During my term on IFC, we have changed the standards of Greek Life and challenged problems with a head-on approach while succeeding in many ways. Without this opportunity, I doubt I would be the leader I am today, and I would not be able to represent the Eberly College of Business Honors Program in the way I have."