Marketing Major

Chelsey Anderson"I have always dreamed big and have set goals for my life continually. I believe that success in college comes from motivation from within, and, for me, my success as a student is due to my motivation, which I believe Eberly College of Business has contributed to. At the Eberly College of Business, I was motivated to excel in classes for the benefit of expanding my knowledge in business, and not just for the credit. I have enjoyed and excelled in every course that I have taken at the Eberly College of Business.

"I am from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Riverside High School in 2008. During high school, I was an active member of DECA, which is an association for marketing students. I competed all over the country with manuals and presentations on business plans and marketing creative ideas. I won first place in the state of Pennsylvania two years in a row in my category, and made it to the top fifteen at the national level. Because of these experiences in high school, I always knew that I was going to continue my education in business.

"Because I knew that I wanted to go to a university with a good business program, I narrowed down my options to business schools that are accredited. In the early fall of my senior year in high school, I came to IUP for a tour. During my college search process, I created a weighted attribute model for the purpose of making a decision. In the model, I determined which attributes I wanted in a university (price, location, major, housing), and weighted the attributes by order of importance. IUP had the highest score in every attribute, and, because of the wonderful experience I had during my tour of IUP, my decision was clear.

"I am extremely happy to know that I made the best decision, because my experiences at IUP's Eberly College of Business have been great. In high school, I made the goal for myself that I was going to graduate with my degree in marketing in three years, rather than the averagefour years. I was an incoming freshman from the class of 2008 and just applied for the May 6, 2011, graduation. As I am sad that I am graduating a year before my class, I am proud for accomplishing this goal. I am happy to know that the Eberly College of Business contributed to my success of attaining my goal.

"One extracurricular activity that I am very involved in is Delta Gamma Sorority at IUP. I have been a member of Delta Gamma since my first semester at IUP in Fall 2008. I am vice president in charge of Finance, director of House Management, and a board member. I have held these positions since December 2009, and will continue to be in office until I graduate this May 2011.

"When I was nominated and elected to the position of vice president of Finance, the chapter was on probation because of financial reasons. Because of my dedication and hard work, I was able to financially get the chapter back on track. The tasks I completed in order to do so were invoicing charges to members, submitting financial reports every month, paying all bills on time, keeping all officers within budget, ending the fiscal year with a surplus, and many other everyday jobs.

"Over the summer, I also created the chapter budget for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. With the budget that I put together, I benefited the chapter by getting their dues to the lowest they have ever been.

"I plan on continuing my education for my MBA. Because of my experiences at IUP's Eberly College of Business, I know that IUP will be one of my options for graduate school."