Human Resource Management Major

Jennifer Sheridan"My experience here at Eberly has furthered my discovery of myself as a professional.

"My name is Jennifer Sheridan and I was born in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, and soon after moved to Brownsville, Pa. I'm the daughter of Kevin and Diane Sheridan, and have a younger sister named Raelene. With the support of my family to further my education, I chose Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Being passionate in business, I decided to major in Human Resource Management. I chose IUP because of its reputation and prominence of being one of the top business schools in the country. IUP's accredited business program is what attracted me to this university.

"While here, I have had experiences that will remain affixed in my memory forever. I was able to come across some of the most amazing professors obtainable. The professors I have had in Eberly have taught me lifelong lessons that will not only assist me in the professional world, but in the real world as well. They have given me the knowledge and understanding to be successful in my field and the courage to shoot for the stars.

"Through Eberly, I was able to get involved with the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and network with affluent professionals, professors, MBA students, and other undergraduate students in my major. As a junior, I was able to hold the executive position of vice president. I was responsible for assisting the president in contacting professionals to present to our organization, setting up volunteer opportunities, and recruiting. As a senior, I was able to make a difference as president and acquired much more responsibility.

"Being a member of SHRM has benefited me in ways that I never thought it could. Being a member has introduced me to professionals that have given me insight that I could not have gotten anywhere else. Through SHRM, I was able to become a national member that assists me in keeping up-to-date with current events, advice, and information that helps me not only in the classroom, but when meeting people in my field as well. SHRM has made it possible to volunteer at networking events within the college and in the community.

"As SHRM president, with the help of my newly elected officers, I have recruited many new members to facilitate the learning at our meetings. Just this year, my organization has participated in two community service projects, the American Heart Association "Heart Walk," and "Into the Streets" for Indiana. SHRM, with the help of the Eberly College of Business, was able to set in motion a weeklong fundraising event, where we were able to more than double our bank account, and, for the first time, we are able to look at participating in the HR Games being held this spring.

"I have learned valuable leadership and organization skills, while being able to provide an exceptional organization for SHRM members to be a part of. As an officer of SHRM, I was also able to be a part of the College of Business Student Advisory Council, where I have been able to lend a hand in making the Eberly College of Business all it can be.

"I am glad I chose IUP to further my education. The people, wisdom, and experiences I have gained in my four years of education are incomparable and unique. I was able to make a better person of myself and feel confident in my future."