What We Need From You

After the college fair, you have only one responsibilitymail the inquiry cards, leftover materials, and table covers back to the Admissions office. To complete your participation:

  • Use the business reply label we provided to you to return materials. You can place this on the original box in which your materials were sent or any other box or container you have available.
  • Mail this from your local post office at no cost to you with the provided mailing label.
  • Please do this within two days of the event. These are students we want to communicate with as quickly as possible.

At this point, you are done!

Once we receive your package, the inquiry cards are entered into our database. Students receive:

  • A letter thanking them for their interest and recognizing their attendance at the college fair and in speaking to our alumni representative.
  • Invitations to on-campus events.
  • Emails with more information and an invitation to complete a priority application for admissions (if they have not already applied).
  • Phone calls, targeted at specific groups to encourage them to take next stepsscholarship recipients, visitors, etc.
Your participation allows us to reach more students that we would be able to with only our professional staff. As an alumna/alumnus of IUP, your story is part of the fabric of what makes this a great university, and your willingness to share your enthusiasm is a testament to what we can offer students.