At the College Fair

Here are some general guidelines for college fairs:

  • Please arrive on time. Your table should be set up and ready to go by the start of the program.
  • Dress appropriatelybusiness casual with some IUP flair is appropriate. You want to be comfortable, but professional.
  • Your college fair table should be set up with the following:
    • Travel brochure
    • Visit card
    • Inquiry card]
    • Hawk Head
    • Table covering
    • Pens (for students to fill out cards, not for giveaways)
  • Gather inquiry cards
    Please do your best to encourage students to complete the inquiry cards. This puts them on our mailing/communication list. Some students will not want to complete the card. Encourage them to take materials and remind them they can sign up online at a convenient time.

Students and parents will be visiting your table to gather materials and to ask questions about IUP. Some questions you may not be able to answer. Students have many questions that our staff need to research. We'd rather you be up front with families if you do not know the answers. If you are so inclined, you may be able to find information quickly in the catalog or on the website with the family. If you can't find the answers, please encourage students to e-mail so that staff can answer their questions in a timely fashion.