The promotion forms and instructions document for the 2020–21 academic year are available below in Word format for all applicants, DPCs, chairs, deans, and the provost.

Applicants and other evaluators should copy and fill out the forms that pertain to them. All forms along with the Statement of Promotability and Supporting Documentation should be created using Microsoft Word and then saved as a PDF and uploaded following the instructions for uploading from the link below.

If one of your forms requires a signature, please print the form, obtain the signature, then scan the form back in as a PDF. Applicants will no longer need to deliver hard copies to the University-Wide Promotion Committee or the Provost's Office. Those two entities will view all forms submitted online.

Instructions for Filling out and Submitting Forms

  1. Read the promotion forms and instructions document.
  2. Save the Word documents (it is recommended you save these forms to your H drive. This will ensure that you have a private copy on a secured drive that is also backed up nightly).
  3. After the form is saved, fill the form out completely and submit via the MyIUP Promotion Forms Upload utility under the Campus Services link. More information on the process can be found on the IT Support Center Promotions Upload web page.
  4. General Tips from the University-Wide Promotion Committee (UWPC)
  5. University-Wide Promotion Committee Letter Writer Tips
  6. Promotion Process Technical Support Videos
  7. University-Wide Promotion Committee Informational Meeting Questions and Answers

Instructions for Submitting Recommendations

For those individuals who need to submit recommendations for promotion applicants (department chairs, deans, etc.), instructions for submitting electronic recommendations can be found on the IT Support Center Recommendation Upload web page.

Instructions for Submitting Rebuttals

For those individuals who need to submit rebuttals, instructions for submitting electronic rebuttals can be found on the IT Support Center Rebuttal Upload web page.


2022-23 Promotion Instruction and Forms Document

Statement of Promotion Policies and Procedures (S3P)

Early Promotion

Early Promotion Approval Application