Promotion Recommendation Upload Information

When you are ready to upload your recommendation PDF for the Promotions Committee, you will need to combine the Transmittal form and the Recommendation letter into one PDF (make certain the Transmittal form is at the beginning of the document).

You will then browse to the Promotion Overview page. This is a single sign-on (like MyIUP and iforms). You can also access this page by logging in to, going to Campus Services and clicking Promotion Recommendation or Rebuttal Upload under Faculty Contracts and Forms.

After you log in, you will need to click the Submit Recommendation link under the faculty member's name. This will take you to the page to submit the recommendation. Simply click on the link called Submit Recommendation.

You then browse to the file location where you have saved your recommendation PDF. Select the file and click Upload.

If you have questions on submitting the form, please log an ihelp ticket at