Team and Leadership Studies

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    Stand Out in the Job Market with Strong Teamwork, Communication, and Leadership Skills

    In today’s competitive job market, employers are seeking candidates who bring strong interpersonal skills to the workplace in addition to expertise in their fields.

    Showing you have studied the best ways to work well in a group, communicate effectively, and lead projects sets you apart and may just win you the job.

    Impress Employers with Teamwork and Leadership Minors Listed on Your Transcripts

    Your resume and transcripts will include any Team and Leadership Studies Program minors you have completed. This documentation confirms you have been taught the best workplace practices and are equipped to be an effective leader and team player.

    The following minors are available for you to add to your resume and transcripts:

    Industry leaders consistently identify teamwork and leadership as two critical skills necessary for employment and long-term success.

    Nursing demonstration that includes nursing and theater studentsStart Now: Add a Minor—or Two—from the Team and Leadership Studies Program

    You can choose one of the minors, matching it to your career plans, or further enhance your skills by adding a second minor. Any two minors in this program can be taken together with one exception: the civic and community leadership minor and the professional leadership minor cannot be combined.

    Many of the same core courses are required, making double minoring easier. Students who are interested in double minoring should take SOC 161 and THTR 161 their first year at IUP to simplify scheduling.

    Effective Teamwork and Communication Minor

    In this minor, you’ll examine how each team member’s expectations, attitudes, and beliefs impact the team dynamic. You’ll also explore new thinking on the best practices for working with others. Through foundational theories and hands-on applications, you’ll gain insight on both communication and teamwork.

    Professional Leadership Minor

    Students in business disciplines and other fields can blend this minor into their studies to strengthen their competitive edge. You can explore group dynamics, gain new organizational tools, and learn about current trends for creating an environment where staff feel empowered and motivated.

    Community and Civic Leadership Minor

    This minor is an excellent choice for students planning careers working in community service, education, government, and nonprofit organizations. You’ll learn strategies for solving problems and coordinating projects as well as enhancing your leadership abilities.

    Military Leadership Minor

    Military Science students accepted into upper-level classes have access to the military leadership minor. You can earn this minor—and strengthen your resume—with courses you’re already taking as part of your ROTC and liberal studies requirements.

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