Fair and Coworkers Coauthor “Integrating Professional Skills into Undergraduate Chemistry Curricula”

Posted on 1/13/21 7:08 PM

Justin Fair (Madia Department of Chemistry, IUP) and Kelly Neiles and Pamela Mertz from St. Mary's College of Maryland coauthored an edited book titled Integrating Professional Skills into Undergraduate Chemistry Curricula.

Becoming a professional in any field requires learning how to both navigate entry and move as a professional within it. To do this, undergraduate students must become proficient both in the technical skills of their chosen discipline and also many other non-technical skills necessary for being an effective scientist. These professional skills include, but are not necessarily limited to, career skills (job searching, resume writing, networking, and having a professional mindset), scientific thinking (critical thinking, problem-solving, and big picture thinking), scientific identity development, learning skills (self-regulated learning, initiative, study strategies, etc.), communication skills, and interpersonal skills such as teamwork and leadership development.