Reflective Practice Large Group Meeting: Thursday, March 3, 2016—3:30-4:45 p.m., HUB Susquehanna Room

Winning Ways of Instruction: A Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) Teaching Award Recipients Panel Discussion

Excellent teaching can be found everywhere at IUP, but unless it is shared it cannot be celebrated or serve as an inspiration to others. The Center for Teaching Excellence seeks applicants to submit their successful teaching practices and recognizes their work with a variety of annual teaching awards.

What sort of excellent teaching is happening at IUP? Which classes and assignments have merited awards? What are the awards, and what do the most highly ranked applications include?

This large group meeting is designed to showcase the excellent IUP teaching that has merited awards, explain award categories, and offer assistance on how to make the best application for this year's awards.

Participants can expect to leave inspired and energized with new ideas to fuel their teaching, a better understanding of CTE awards and categories, and tips on how to make the best application.

Panelists: Crystal Machado, Teresa Shellenbarger, and Melissa Swauger


Pedagogical Research Handout by Crystal Machado